Snapshots of my Sunday

Just a few snapshots of what my Sunday looked like:

Carlos & G, modeling their matching hats before they left for church:20120729-173233.jpg(Note: I don’t prefer to attend church; while I believe in a higher power, I’ve found that organized religious institutions are not for me. I’ll likely address this at a later date, but I’m not interesting in being a member of an organization that insists on continuing on with misogynistic treatment and ideas of women. I’ve found that all of the major religious institutions continue to behave in such a manner, so they will not be where I nurture my relationship with God.)

Moving on, Alice and Carlos finishing their tie-dye project. I watched from the sidelines; tie-dye is not one of my primary fashion staples.20120729-173644.jpg



Geronimo was excited, though. They did a onesie for him. Watch out, ladies.

Lunch was pho (no pictures, sadly), and then some shopping. Later, there was fro-yo, Powell’s candy shop (for chocolate covered gummy bears and swedish fish!) and on the way home, we picked up an Ice Cream Pie for Carlos. Yay Ice Cream Pie! This one was Almond Joy, so it had vanilla and chocolate ice cream, chocolate graham cracker crust, coconut, whipped cream, and almonds on the top. Delicious.20120729-173735.jpg

As far as Sundays go, this one was pretty fantastic. The upcoming week will be difficult; Jared’s last day is on Wednesday and then after that I’m on my own as EPM, managing the group. I’m fairly confident in my abilities to do so, but it’s still a little nerve wracking, I’ll admit.

Til next time. -J


New promotion

I’ve recently (as in, a week ago!) been promoted at work, and I’m incredibly nervous about it. My (now) former manager, Jared, gave his notice on Tuesday evening. Wednesday, I was asked if I’d like the opportunity to serve in his stead; I absolutely said yes. I know I can do it; management knows I can do it. I’m ready for this. It’s a lot more responsibility, and a lot more work, but I really think I’m up to the challenge.

That being said? I’m freaking out. I know, I know, it’s a new role. New position, new responsibilities, new waters to tread. Once I get used to it, I know I’ll be fine. But I just went from managing 0 people (with 0 management experience) to managing 4 people directly (they report to me! me!) and in the process of hiring for a new SPM. I no longer track production work directly (or at least, my new role calls for me to no focus on that aspect of the account; the transition might not happen right away), but to focus on reporting, client managing, numbers, etc, etc. It’s a little scary. All of a sudden I’m making these big decisions. And I’m not making decisions uninformed; I’ve been an active team member on this account for 4 years. I know this. I’ve got this account down. It’s just so new, all of this. All of these new things I have to do. If there’s one thing I’m known for among my inner team, it’s that I don’t actually like change. I deal with it, and I respond to it well, but like it? No.

The other thing is…I don’t know how this will affect the time I spend with Geronimo and my family. The promotion means a lot more work, and a lot more accountability. In my SPM role, I took on a lot of initiatives independently. I worked on them at my own pace; I worked from home a lot…I won’t lie: it was ideal for my situation. So this new way of working and doing things, after a year of doing things the way I pleased? It’ll be a transition. I don’t think nowadays it would go over well for my to work remotely from France for 3 months, like last year. The EPM (Enterprise Program Manager!) needs to be visible, both to the client and to the team. Which is okay now, though. Carlos is no longer studying; he’s working full time again. We’re steady. We don’t need to go anywhere; we’ve had quite a few adventures in the past year, and to be honest, it’s time to put some bank back in the bank. We ran through a lot of our savings while he wasn’t working so that he could study; we need to replenish.

Speaking of traveling, I had to cancel my business trip to Paris/Saarbrucken last week, when news of the promotion hit. I only have 2 weeks to ramp up and get situated in my new role. The trip had to be postponed, and now it looks likely that I’ll just send Rachel instead. With her promotion to my old role (yay!) it just makes sense. She needs to be the one to build the relations with the teams in Saarbrucken now; she’s the one that will be working more closely with them.

Current wine: A Trader Joe’s-sold Chianti (red, name forgotten at the moment) and a Trader Joe’s Chardonnay/Voigner called Duet. As much as I love my J (see previous post), I don’t love and/or relish paying that much for a bottle on a regular basis. So I love TJ’s for their wine selections. Nothing amazing to rave over, but decent (and decently priced) table wines.

Time for an outfit!

Top: Forever 21/Pants: Express/Earrings: H&M/Shoes: unknown brand (Payless)

Now, I know my outfits aren’t spectacular, and I also know that my photos are grainy and not great, as well. However, I have fun just posting what I wear. I’m always looking for feedback (what looks like it doesn’t work, what does, what alternatives you’d suggest, etc). I am a working mom whose style is ever-evolving, mainly because I don’t know what style I want to pull off. Thoughts and feedback are always welcome.

Ringing in 27

Introducing my favorite wine:

Specifically, the 2009 J Pinot Noir, from Russian River Valley. Here’s the description:

“The 2009 J Vineyards Pinot Noir is a lush ruby-red wine that vibrantly showcases its cool-climate Russian River Valley pedigree. Aromas of rich chocolate and wild blackberry fill the glass. The wine delivers flavors of caramel, cinnamon and black spice. Traditional Pinot Noir fruit flavors of cherry and strawberry are also integrated in a subtle oak structure. Our Russian River Valley Pinot Noir pairs with many earthy foods, such as grilled Portobello mushrooms, smoked country ham, or savory duck confit braised in this wine.” J Vineyards

Carlos completely surprised me for my birthday this year (this past June) by arranging an amazing surprise party for me in J’s Bubble Room. He arranged for a catered lunch, accompanied by mass quantities of wine (of course!) with all of my closest friends. It was perfection, and my idea of the most perfect birthday surprise ever. I was incredibly touched (still am, whenever I think of it) and moved to tears that he put all of this thought and effort into making my birthday such a wonderful, happy day. He pulled out all the stops; we even stayed several nights in a wonderful B&B up in Russian River Valley. It was so incredible; I’m fairly certain it was the best birthday ever, and nothing could ever top it!

Photos, courtesy of my dear friend Ed (an amazing photographer):

(Above: Me, incredibly surprised!)

(Above: Andy, my best friend, who was in on it from day 1, apparently. <3)

(I love all of these people!)

(Carlos was incredibly pleased with himself. Well done, sir!)

(Above: Dinner at our hotel; below: me, passed out before dessert could even arrive at the table. Classy, I know.)

What a memorable way to celebrate my 27th…I’ll never forget it, that’s for sure! Carlos also surprised me with a J wine membership, so I’m set. 😉
(PS: Still figuring out how wordpress works, so I’m not sure why the images are spaced in such a crazy way. Whoops!)


My house is pretty full; in fact, it’s jam-packed. We have a 3 bedroom, 1 bath home, and way more people in it than is comfortable. Who do we have?

Carlos/myself/baby G – 1 bedroom

Ed (my dad) – 1 bedroom

Alice (my sister) – 1 bedroom

Rosita (my MIL, spending 6 weeks with us) – Newly renovated “Chateau” in the backyard. It used to be the shed where we kept all of our tools/bikes/miscellaneous items, but right before C went back to work, he spent a week renovating it with insulation, sheet rock, hardwood floors, paint, etc, to turn it into a suitable living space. It’s pretty nice out there, now. No electricity yet, but that’s coming; in the meantime, we’ve added a solar-powered light to keep the room lit at night when light is needed. We plan to move Ed out there when Rosita leaves, and for that to happen, electricity is a must. (He requires TV, etc, and I don’t blame him!) When Ed moves out to the chateau, we’ll move Geronimo into Ed’s old room, and finally (finally!) we’ll have our room back to ourselves. I’m not-so-secretly hoping that this also helps G out with his sleep issues. He goes down pretty easily at night now, but wakes up about 20 minutes after I go to bed, without fail. I have no scientific proof of this, but I firmly believe he can smell me and my milk, and that it disrupts his sleep. I am crossing my fingers that moving him into his room will help him sleep more through the night on his own, and that he’ll be spending less and less time in our bed as he gets older. That’s the hope, anyway!

I also can’t bring myself to run these days. I absolutely have no motivation to do it after G goes down to bed (these days, his bedtime is around 9:00PM so that Carlos and I can spend quality time with him after we get home from work), and mommy-guilt won’t let me get my run in when I could be spending time with my child. Work hours are hard, because there’s often actual work to be done, and it’s hard to slip away for a run. Moreso because work is very lenient with the hours I have to be in the office in the first place; if I get in the office at 10AM, and leave at 4PM (I work from home in the mornings and do work once I get home in the evenings and after G goes to bed), I do not feel right about being in the gym for 45 minutes to an hour during the actual work day. So that’s a no-go.

So when do I run? When do I have time for me? Do I suck it up and realize that life is not always going to be this demanding, and I should just go with the flow while G is this young? I know that in a year or two it’s likely to be less challenging, so should I just tough it out now?


Some outfits I’ve been into lately:

Jeans — Citizens of Humanity
Sweater — Splendid
Sandals — Dolce Vita


Dress — Forever 21
Cardi — H&M
Shoes — Converse
Necklace — Anthropologie
Bracelet — Forever 21
Baby — Made by me!

Tangent Saturday

There’s a whole lot of wtf-ery going on ’round these parts lately. Let’s capture them:

1. To those with opinions on how I raise my child:

No, seriously, that is how much I value your opinion. I do not care if you don’t like how I feed my child, clothe my child, teach my child, put my child to sleep: hush.

2. On that note, what is with people who have no qualms about letting you know every single opinion that they have? Not just with child-rearing, but with all aspects of life? Let’s make a deal: I will make my decisions, and you make yours.

3. I’m sorry, but chambray, madras, seersuckers…Who names these fabrics? It’s ridiculous. It makes me want to not wear them. And then I see pictures of what the clothing style/fabric actually is, and I want to burn them all.

4. My sister (13) is new to the idea of reading for joy. Because of Twilight. That’s right, she read the 4 Twilight books and cried when she finished. Not out of horror of the juvenile and altogether nauseating writing, but because she was sad they were finished. And then I gave her The Hunger Games, and she loves it; after this series, I’d like to start her on Harry Potter. There is such fun to be had with introducing her to wonderful literature and authors; I’m hoping she’s receptive. I know she’s 13 and not ready for Plath, but at this point, anything is better than Twilight.

5. I’m almost out of my bottles of J from my birthday. This is causing me great grief. I have 1/4 bottle of white left, and 2 bottles of bubbly. I have no idea when my next shipment comes (#mylifeishard) and I don’t want to run through the sparkling wine too quickly. Fail. Lack of wine means lack of patience.

Tomorrow is my father’s birthday. Not enough alcohol in the world to get through that one. No, literally, because he’s a raging alcoholic.