My house is pretty full; in fact, it’s jam-packed. We have a 3 bedroom, 1 bath home, and way more people in it than is comfortable. Who do we have?

Carlos/myself/baby G – 1 bedroom

Ed (my dad) – 1 bedroom

Alice (my sister) – 1 bedroom

Rosita (my MIL, spending 6 weeks with us) – Newly renovated “Chateau” in the backyard. It used to be the shed where we kept all of our tools/bikes/miscellaneous items, but right before C went back to work, he spent a week renovating it with insulation, sheet rock, hardwood floors, paint, etc, to turn it into a suitable living space. It’s pretty nice out there, now. No electricity yet, but that’s coming; in the meantime, we’ve added a solar-powered light to keep the room lit at night when light is needed. We plan to move Ed out there when Rosita leaves, and for that to happen, electricity is a must. (He requires TV, etc, and I don’t blame him!) When Ed moves out to the chateau, we’ll move Geronimo into Ed’s old room, and finally (finally!) we’ll have our room back to ourselves. I’m not-so-secretly hoping that this also helps G out with his sleep issues. He goes down pretty easily at night now, but wakes up about 20 minutes after I go to bed, without fail. I have no scientific proof of this, but I firmly believe he can smell me and my milk, and that it disrupts his sleep. I am crossing my fingers that moving him into his room will help him sleep more through the night on his own, and that he’ll be spending less and less time in our bed as he gets older. That’s the hope, anyway!

I also can’t bring myself to run these days. I absolutely have no motivation to do it after G goes down to bed (these days, his bedtime is around 9:00PM so that Carlos and I can spend quality time with him after we get home from work), and mommy-guilt won’t let me get my run in when I could be spending time with my child. Work hours are hard, because there’s often actual work to be done, and it’s hard to slip away for a run. Moreso because work is very lenient with the hours I have to be in the office in the first place; if I get in the office at 10AM, and leave at 4PM (I work from home in the mornings and do work once I get home in the evenings and after G goes to bed), I do not feel right about being in the gym for 45 minutes to an hour during the actual work day. So that’s a no-go.

So when do I run? When do I have time for me? Do I suck it up and realize that life is not always going to be this demanding, and I should just go with the flow while G is this young? I know that in a year or two it’s likely to be less challenging, so should I just tough it out now?


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