New promotion

I’ve recently (as in, a week ago!) been promoted at work, and I’m incredibly nervous about it. My (now) former manager, Jared, gave his notice on Tuesday evening. Wednesday, I was asked if I’d like the opportunity to serve in his stead; I absolutely said yes. I know I can do it; management knows I can do it. I’m ready for this. It’s a lot more responsibility, and a lot more work, but I really think I’m up to the challenge.

That being said? I’m freaking out. I know, I know, it’s a new role. New position, new responsibilities, new waters to tread. Once I get used to it, I know I’ll be fine. But I just went from managing 0 people (with 0 management experience) to managing 4 people directly (they report to me! me!) and in the process of hiring for a new SPM. I no longer track production work directly (or at least, my new role calls for me to no focus on that aspect of the account; the transition might not happen right away), but to focus on reporting, client managing, numbers, etc, etc. It’s a little scary. All of a sudden I’m making these big decisions. And I’m not making decisions uninformed; I’ve been an active team member on this account for 4 years. I know this. I’ve got this account down. It’s just so new, all of this. All of these new things I have to do. If there’s one thing I’m known for among my inner team, it’s that I don’t actually like change. I deal with it, and I respond to it well, but like it? No.

The other thing is…I don’t know how this will affect the time I spend with Geronimo and my family. The promotion means a lot more work, and a lot more accountability. In my SPM role, I took on a lot of initiatives independently. I worked on them at my own pace; I worked from home a lot…I won’t lie: it was ideal for my situation. So this new way of working and doing things, after a year of doing things the way I pleased? It’ll be a transition. I don’t think nowadays it would go over well for my to work remotely from France for 3 months, like last year. The EPM (Enterprise Program Manager!) needs to be visible, both to the client and to the team. Which is okay now, though. Carlos is no longer studying; he’s working full time again. We’re steady. We don’t need to go anywhere; we’ve had quite a few adventures in the past year, and to be honest, it’s time to put some bank back in the bank. We ran through a lot of our savings while he wasn’t working so that he could study; we need to replenish.

Speaking of traveling, I had to cancel my business trip to Paris/Saarbrucken last week, when news of the promotion hit. I only have 2 weeks to ramp up and get situated in my new role. The trip had to be postponed, and now it looks likely that I’ll just send Rachel instead. With her promotion to my old role (yay!) it just makes sense. She needs to be the one to build the relations with the teams in Saarbrucken now; she’s the one that will be working more closely with them.

Current wine: A Trader Joe’s-sold Chianti (red, name forgotten at the moment) and a Trader Joe’s Chardonnay/Voigner called Duet. As much as I love my J (see previous post), I don’t love and/or relish paying that much for a bottle on a regular basis. So I love TJ’s for their wine selections. Nothing amazing to rave over, but decent (and decently priced) table wines.

Time for an outfit!

Top: Forever 21/Pants: Express/Earrings: H&M/Shoes: unknown brand (Payless)

Now, I know my outfits aren’t spectacular, and I also know that my photos are grainy and not great, as well. However, I have fun just posting what I wear. I’m always looking for feedback (what looks like it doesn’t work, what does, what alternatives you’d suggest, etc). I am a working mom whose style is ever-evolving, mainly because I don’t know what style I want to pull off. Thoughts and feedback are always welcome.


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