Ringing in 27

Introducing my favorite wine:

Specifically, the 2009 J Pinot Noir, from Russian River Valley. Here’s the description:

“The 2009 J Vineyards Pinot Noir is a lush ruby-red wine that vibrantly showcases its cool-climate Russian River Valley pedigree. Aromas of rich chocolate and wild blackberry fill the glass. The wine delivers flavors of caramel, cinnamon and black spice. Traditional Pinot Noir fruit flavors of cherry and strawberry are also integrated in a subtle oak structure. Our Russian River Valley Pinot Noir pairs with many earthy foods, such as grilled Portobello mushrooms, smoked country ham, or savory duck confit braised in this wine.” J Vineyards

Carlos completely surprised me for my birthday this year (this past June) by arranging an amazing surprise party for me in J’s Bubble Room. He arranged for a catered lunch, accompanied by mass quantities of wine (of course!) with all of my closest friends. It was perfection, and my idea of the most perfect birthday surprise ever. I was incredibly touched (still am, whenever I think of it) and moved to tears that he put all of this thought and effort into making my birthday such a wonderful, happy day. He pulled out all the stops; we even stayed several nights in a wonderful B&B up in Russian River Valley. It was so incredible; I’m fairly certain it was the best birthday ever, and nothing could ever top it!

Photos, courtesy of my dear friend Ed (an amazing photographer):

(Above: Me, incredibly surprised!)

(Above: Andy, my best friend, who was in on it from day 1, apparently. <3)

(I love all of these people!)

(Carlos was incredibly pleased with himself. Well done, sir!)

(Above: Dinner at our hotel; below: me, passed out before dessert could even arrive at the table. Classy, I know.)

What a memorable way to celebrate my 27th…I’ll never forget it, that’s for sure! Carlos also surprised me with a J wine membership, so I’m set. 😉
(PS: Still figuring out how wordpress works, so I’m not sure why the images are spaced in such a crazy way. Whoops!)


One comment

  1. We extend out thanks to your wonderful friend Carlos for “Ringing in 27” with a memorable experience to the J Bubble Room with all of your closest friends and furthermore surprising you with a J Club membership. You are right, you are set; J Wines + best friends make an amazing and touching 27th birthday pairing!

    In addition, you have a fun and heart-warming blog; we look forward to you delivering more magical memories that you create with the glass half-full.


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