Snapshots of my Sunday

Just a few snapshots of what my Sunday looked like:

Carlos & G, modeling their matching hats before they left for church:20120729-173233.jpg(Note: I don’t prefer to attend church; while I believe in a higher power, I’ve found that organized religious institutions are not for me. I’ll likely address this at a later date, but I’m not interesting in being a member of an organization that insists on continuing on with misogynistic treatment and ideas of women. I’ve found that all of the major religious institutions continue to behave in such a manner, so they will not be where I nurture my relationship with God.)

Moving on, Alice and Carlos finishing their tie-dye project. I watched from the sidelines; tie-dye is not one of my primary fashion staples.20120729-173644.jpg



Geronimo was excited, though. They did a onesie for him. Watch out, ladies.

Lunch was pho (no pictures, sadly), and then some shopping. Later, there was fro-yo, Powell’s candy shop (for chocolate covered gummy bears and swedish fish!) and on the way home, we picked up an Ice Cream Pie for Carlos. Yay Ice Cream Pie! This one was Almond Joy, so it had vanilla and chocolate ice cream, chocolate graham cracker crust, coconut, whipped cream, and almonds on the top. Delicious.20120729-173735.jpg

As far as Sundays go, this one was pretty fantastic. The upcoming week will be difficult; Jared’s last day is on Wednesday and then after that I’m on my own as EPM, managing the group. I’m fairly confident in my abilities to do so, but it’s still a little nerve wracking, I’ll admit.

Til next time. -J


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