Fun day out!

Some pics from the day:

Family dinner last night with everyone. Awesome food, awesome company.

Getting ready for a girls + G outing.

Alice and I got our eyebrows waxed at the Benefit Eyebrow Bar inside Bloomingdales. Fun sisterly outing!

Later, we met back up with C and my MIL to grab an early dinner at Tartine. (Not pictured: amazing coconut cream pie, open-faced sandwiches, lattes, eclairs, bread-pudding, lemon meringue cake.) Pictured: Afterwards, we took G to Dolores Park to check out the kids playground. It’s fantastic! He had a ball! (Literally…he
“borrowed” another kids’ ball. We encouraged him to give it back.)

C guiding G down the slide, in his tie-dye glory. He loves him some tie-dye…

G trying to get his hula groove on, but is thwarted.

Moving on from the hula hoop. What a little handsome man. Love this kid, seriously.

Also not pictured: We came home, hung out, and watched some Olympics. Tonight was beach volleyball quarter-finals, track (men’s 100M; Bolt is seriously fast! Also, I may have the unpopular opinion that if an athlete ever tests positive for performance-enhancing drugs, they should be barred from the Olympics for life, not just for 4 years. Any contrary opinions out there? My mind is open.)

Did a little work after G was in bed, and enjoyed a little wine. Rodney Strong Pinot Noir tonight; no pictures, though. Bought it from Safeway, I think?


Wah wah wah

I am so tired. I woke up early to this face:

And he didn’t want to let me sleep much last night, either. Kept wanting the boob all night. *sigh* We’ve got to get this co-sleeping/night nursing situation sorted out stat. I just don’t think it’s going to successfully happen until we get Ed moved out back and can get G into his own room. So much work has to be done to get to that point.

So yes, we got up. There may have been Baby Einstein involved while I inhaled my morning cup(s) of coffee. I gotta admit: no shame in that game. Whatever keeps the tyke occupied for 20 minutes while I wake up: I’ll take it.

I put together what I consider to be a cute outfit:

Although maybe you can’t really tell from that picture. Anyway, here are the deets:

Jeans – Paige/ Blazer – H&M/ Blouse – Forever 21/ Un-pictured flats – Dolce Vita

Maybe a better pic?


(Alice wasn’t super thrilled I snuck into her room to make use of her full-length mirror.)

Onto the rest of my day…

The first full day without Jared went fine. I knew it would. I haven’t been freaking out about not being able to do the job, it’s more about just wishing team members wouldn’t leave. But, got through the first day, and it was good. Busy, but good. Had a lunch meeting and a fantastic salad that included bay shrimp and crab; not my typical fare these days, so I was happy to order it.

During the drive back to the office from lunch, there was this great NPR story Andy and I listened to. It was an interview with a British woman, Caitlin Moran, and she was so honest, witty, and plain refreshing. At first I wasn’t sure about her; we started listening when we heard the name of her book, “How To Be A Woman,” and I automatically side-eyed the radio. If there’s one thing I bristle at, it’s when people try to define what “a real woman” is. “Real women don’t eat meat,” “real women don’t do this, or do that,” and it just drives me nuts. So some author is going to tell me how to be a woman? Yeah, I don’t think so.

But then we really started listening, and God, she was so funny and dry and so open about so many things, including motherhood. She talks about how she has two children; her first birth experience was horrendous, due to lack of preparation, she admits; her second was wonderful, because she went in prepared and felt more confident. Then Caitlin drops a bomb: she aborted her third pregnancy. And the bombs just keep on coming: She felt no regret, remorse, or guilt over the abortion. When she admitted that? I knew this woman and I could be friends. She talks about how women who choose to have abortions are expected to feel ashamed, guilty, and remorseful for choosing to abort, and how while that may be true for some women, it’s absolutely not true for all women. Right on! For many women, choosing to have an abortion is as simple as choosing to have a normal medical procedure done; and that’s how it should be! But society, media, and religious zealots are insistent on making women feel like shit for their choices; even though abortion is legal in the United States, women are expected to feel like shit if they do exercise their right to an abortion. And so to have Caitlin Moran come out, in her book, and write that not only did she have an abortion, but she felt no shame afterwards; she felt no guilt, or regret, is amazing. I applaud her, and I hope that her openness only inspires more women to share their own experiences (or non-experiences, as the case may be! For some women, it may just be a non-event, and that is okay). We need to encourage our fellow women to feel what is organic to them; not to give in to the societal pressures and expectations to feel a certain way.

Wow, what a vent. I actually hadn’t meant to go that far, but I’m glad I did. I am not afraid of the term feminist, and I hope to be a proud feminist and support my fellow women in whatever they choose.


A sad day

Today was bittersweet; I said goodbye to my colleague and good friend of four years. He left our company to pursue opportunities elsewhere, and while I wish him nothing but the best (and expect nothing but the best for him), I am still sad to see him go. It’s hard. Four years ago, four of us banded together and forged a strong alliance; over the past year, it’s whittled down to just me. First Tej left (while I was on maternity leave, no less!), then Cedric left (while I was working remotely from France! Boo!) and now Jared leaves. While I still stand with a strong and amazing team (no doubts about that), it is no doubt a bittersweet day.

But! I am excited about the new position in which I’ve found myself: leading my team. Today I interviewed for a new PM, and hopefully he works out. It will make my life so much easier to find someone who can not only do the job, but who will mesh well with the current team. In fact, this potential new hire doesn’t even have localization experience at all; nor did I when I began. Same for Andy, other Andy, and Rachel. Now we’re kicking ass; I am a firm believer that the person makes the job, and not necessarily the experience a person can bring. (For this industry/position, anyway.)

And let’s be honest: I hate change. I moved desks today, amidst the other dramatic change going on, and I nearly had an anxiety attack. Too much change for one day. I’m sorry; I know it sounds like a cop-out, but I hate change. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it. Now don’t get me wrong: I deal. I stare in the face of change every flippin’ day, and I deal with it (and gracefully, too, I might add) but that doesn’t mean I like it.

Do you ever peruse your own Facebook and realize you use too many damn exclamation points? I need to start limiting that. (Just edited several out of this very post.)

Life is hard today. At least I had my beautiful baby to come home and cuddle with. Until he bit me. What is with this biting phase? I’m already over it. I think part of it is teething (he’s got molars coming in) and part of it is he thinks it’s just funny. Not too funny when he’s ripping into your flesh with his teeth, I’ll tell ya.

Today’s wine was courtesy of work. A chardonnay; Girard, I think, was the brand. After Jared left for the day ever, the tears really started to well up, so it was determined, by the ever mighty Christine, that wine was necessary at that point. Good call, Christine, good call.

I don’t have any pictures today; I’m too sad. Good news, though: I finally located my digital camera, so I’m hoping for slightly-less-shitty quality pics in the coming days. I know, I know, so exciting. However, one cannot blog with iPhone pics alone, can one? Although I suppose I could Instagram the shit out of every pic and then, voila! Instantly better-looking pics, right?