A sad day

Today was bittersweet; I said goodbye to my colleague and good friend of four years. He left our company to pursue opportunities elsewhere, and while I wish him nothing but the best (and expect nothing but the best for him), I am still sad to see him go. It’s hard. Four years ago, four of us banded together and forged a strong alliance; over the past year, it’s whittled down to just me. First Tej left (while I was on maternity leave, no less!), then Cedric left (while I was working remotely from France! Boo!) and now Jared leaves. While I still stand with a strong and amazing team (no doubts about that), it is no doubt a bittersweet day.

But! I am excited about the new position in which I’ve found myself: leading my team. Today I interviewed for a new PM, and hopefully he works out. It will make my life so much easier to find someone who can not only do the job, but who will mesh well with the current team. In fact, this potential new hire doesn’t even have localization experience at all; nor did I when I began. Same for Andy, other Andy, and Rachel. Now we’re kicking ass; I am a firm believer that the person makes the job, and not necessarily the experience a person can bring. (For this industry/position, anyway.)

And let’s be honest: I hate change. I moved desks today, amidst the other dramatic change going on, and I nearly had an anxiety attack. Too much change for one day. I’m sorry; I know it sounds like a cop-out, but I hate change. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it. Now don’t get me wrong: I deal. I stare in the face of change every flippin’ day, and I deal with it (and gracefully, too, I might add) but that doesn’t mean I like it.

Do you ever peruse your own Facebook and realize you use too many damn exclamation points? I need to start limiting that. (Just edited several out of this very post.)

Life is hard today. At least I had my beautiful baby to come home and cuddle with. Until he bit me. What is with this biting phase? I’m already over it. I think part of it is teething (he’s got molars coming in) and part of it is he thinks it’s just funny. Not too funny when he’s ripping into your flesh with his teeth, I’ll tell ya.

Today’s wine was courtesy of work. A chardonnay; Girard, I think, was the brand. After Jared left for the day ever, the tears really started to well up, so it was determined, by the ever mighty Christine, that wine was necessary at that point. Good call, Christine, good call.

I don’t have any pictures today; I’m too sad. Good news, though: I finally located my digital camera, so I’m hoping for slightly-less-shitty quality pics in the coming days. I know, I know, so exciting. However, one cannot blog with iPhone pics alone, can one? Although I suppose I could Instagram the shit out of every pic and then, voila! Instantly better-looking pics, right?


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