Fun day out!

Some pics from the day:

Family dinner last night with everyone. Awesome food, awesome company.

Getting ready for a girls + G outing.

Alice and I got our eyebrows waxed at the Benefit Eyebrow Bar inside Bloomingdales. Fun sisterly outing!

Later, we met back up with C and my MIL to grab an early dinner at Tartine. (Not pictured: amazing coconut cream pie, open-faced sandwiches, lattes, eclairs, bread-pudding, lemon meringue cake.) Pictured: Afterwards, we took G to Dolores Park to check out the kids playground. It’s fantastic! He had a ball! (Literally…he
“borrowed” another kids’ ball. We encouraged him to give it back.)

C guiding G down the slide, in his tie-dye glory. He loves him some tie-dye…

G trying to get his hula groove on, but is thwarted.

Moving on from the hula hoop. What a little handsome man. Love this kid, seriously.

Also not pictured: We came home, hung out, and watched some Olympics. Tonight was beach volleyball quarter-finals, track (men’s 100M; Bolt is seriously fast! Also, I may have the unpopular opinion that if an athlete ever tests positive for performance-enhancing drugs, they should be barred from the Olympics for life, not just for 4 years. Any contrary opinions out there? My mind is open.)

Did a little work after G was in bed, and enjoyed a little wine. Rodney Strong Pinot Noir tonight; no pictures, though. Bought it from Safeway, I think?


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