Tangent Tuesday

There was no running today…Only sick baby, work, Draw Something, chocolate gummy bears, Yuca with queso fresco, J wine, family time, and a whole lotta cryin’. Poor sick G.

However, he was feeling good enough to play his drums tonight!

In other news, 2012 is officially the hottest year on record in the US. Yikes! We didn’t experience much heat in San Francisco, though there were a few hot days. But other parts of the country were just blazing! I often complain about how cold I am here, but then I go somewhere (such as Colombia) and experience the heat they’ve got going on there…I really don’t know which I prefer!

Woman gets harassed on the street (in the Tenderloin), responds, and then gets stabbed. This is a problem. So now women can’t even respond and defend themselves without further risk of humiliation and harm.

Someone needs to explain to me why anyone would want to buy Khloe Kardashian’s old underwear. Just why?! That is unacceptable. Some things you just don’t put on eBay! WTF!

I still refuse to watch the Downton Abby Christmas Special. Refuse refuse refuse. Obviously no spoilers on here, but since I know how it ends, I just…I am so stinking mad.

If you watch Game of Thrones, you need to see this vid of the Stark children beatboxing the opening credits. Amazing. I will never look at Sansa Stark the same way ever again.

Who remembers Passions? I used to watch that soap religiously after school, every day, when I was in high school. The theme song was the best, and Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald-Winthrop-Crane-Winthrop-Crane whatever whatever was my girl. Loved that crazy chick with her crocodile tears. She knew how to cry.


Les Mis

Saw Les Mis last night with Andy, Christine, and Rachel. We went to a late showing at the Kabuki theater in Japantown.

Amazing doesn’t even begin to describe my reaction. Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackman were outstanding. We laughed, we cried, and I may have even cursed Javert on several occasions. I’ve been waiting for this movie for some time now, and it didn’t disappoint. After reading many, many mixed reviews, I went in with an open mind, and am so glad I did. Maybe I’m just not picky or overly critical about these sorts of things, but I just loved it, and wasn’t even bothered by Russell Crow. Amanda sounded a little tinny and off-key at times, and Russell was definitely an interesting choice, but overall, it didn’t ruin anything for me. The artistry of the opening scene with the ship was visually stunning, and the scenes with the fighting were amazing, as well. I Dreamed A Dream was…God, I cried. On My Own was perfection, but I felt that was a VO (maybe due to the rain in the scene?). Who Am I and Empty Table, Empty Chairs were just gutting. Gavroche was the best; I think my favorite character. He was perfection personified.

We got to Kabuki because it’s a great theater with a bar; we bought a bottle of Parducci Pinot Noir and between Andy and myself, we killed the whole bottle. Maybe that was the reason for the tears!


New year, new blog!

Finally time to get serious with this blog. I want to be more consistent in posting, so I’m trying to sketch out some sort of routine posting schedule.

For now, a brief update on where I’ve been, and what I’ve been doing:

Christmas was nice. We spent Christmas in Colombia; Carlos and I took Gero down there to visit with C’s mom and so his sister could finally meet the little guy. He’s a year and a half, and because of issues with getting a visa, she hasn’t been able to come out to meet him. We finally changed that! It was a great visit; G had a blast meeting tons of new people, spending lots of time with his tia and abuelita, and Carlos and I were able to relax, hang out with friends, and spend some time together. All in all, it was a great visit. Sure, the mosquitos got to me (again!), and it took a couple of days to acclimate to the heat, but it was a fantastic trip. The best one yet, I think!

We flew back to SF on NYE; touched ground just before midnight, and rang in the new year at baggage claim! Unfortunately, I fell sick shortly after, and have spent the past few days battling a cold. Poop. At least it managed to be held at bay until we got back! Extremely grateful for that.

No resolutions this year; resolutions are something I’m moving away from. Instead, I found the idea from another blog to start a theme for each year, instead. My theme for 2013 is wellness. This year I want to focus on wellness; of mind, body, and spirit. What does that encompass? Well, we’ll find out. Not exactly sure yet. A little of this, and a little of that. Exercising more. Eating better. Taking vitamins that might be beneficial to my heath. Finding a therapist so I can ensure my mental health. Things like that. Basically I want to be the best I can be, and that starts with making sure every facet of my being is well.

A few instagram photos to share:


G in Colombia; his uncle bought him a tricycle! (Yes, we hauled it all the way back!)


He also got a new drum set. (That came with, too!)


I swear, he’s the most hipster-esque toddler I’ve met.


The weekend before we all left for our various destinations, we visited a Santa’s Village-type farm. C and A took this photo; hilarious!


Alice and I after a pillow fight.


We got our tree! And this year, it was G-sized!


During Movember, in the fancy shop The Art of Shaving.


The moustache was on the mirror, so we had to get crafty to take this pic.


I trimmed G’s bangs, because they were getting too long and he couldn’t see anymore. Who knew this would cause such a riot in my house! I think he looks adorable, but apparently I was the only one.


We had a beach picnic in Pescadero in December. G loved to dip his baguette into the jar of strawberry-rhubarb jam we picked up.

So there you have it; that’s what we’ve been up to, for the most part. We had a mini-Christmas before Alice left for LA and we left for Colombia; our present to Alice was her plane ticket to visit her grandparents, plus some $$ so she could save for her iPod Touch. Carlos gifted me with a makeover! He took me to get my hair done at a really nice place, plus a mani-pedi, and shopping for a new outfit. We had lunch out, too, so it was a really great day. ❤ I gifted him some tools and supplies from The Art of Shaving. Alice bought matching sister necklaces for her and me, and she bought Carlos some soaps from his favorite soap store, Lush.

All in all, we’re a happy clan around here these days.