Tangent Tuesday

There was no running today…Only sick baby, work, Draw Something, chocolate gummy bears, Yuca with queso fresco, J wine, family time, and a whole lotta cryin’. Poor sick G.

However, he was feeling good enough to play his drums tonight!

In other news, 2012 is officially the hottest year on record in the US. Yikes! We didn’t experience much heat in San Francisco, though there were a few hot days. But other parts of the country were just blazing! I often complain about how cold I am here, but then I go somewhere (such as Colombia) and experience the heat they’ve got going on there…I really don’t know which I prefer!

Woman gets harassed on the street (in the Tenderloin), responds, and then gets stabbed. This is a problem. So now women can’t even respond and defend themselves without further risk of humiliation and harm.

Someone needs to explain to me why anyone would want to buy Khloe Kardashian’s old underwear. Just why?! That is unacceptable. Some things you just don’t put on eBay! WTF!

I still refuse to watch the Downton Abby Christmas Special. Refuse refuse refuse. Obviously no spoilers on here, but since I know how it ends, I just…I am so stinking mad.

If you watch Game of Thrones, you need to see this vid of the Stark children beatboxing the opening credits. Amazing. I will never look at Sansa Stark the same way ever again.

Who remembers Passions? I used to watch that soap religiously after school, every day, when I was in high school. The theme song was the best, and Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald-Winthrop-Crane-Winthrop-Crane whatever whatever was my girl. Loved that crazy chick with her crocodile tears. She knew how to cry.


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